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Freund's adjuvant

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noun \ˈfrȯin(d)z-, ˈfrȯin(t)s-\

Medical Definition of Freund's adjuvant

  1. :  any of several oil and water emulsions that contain antigens and are used to stimulate antibody production in experimental animals

Biographical Note for freund's adjuvant


\ˈfrȯind\play ,

Jules Thomas

(1890–1960), American immunologist. Freund was a pioneer in immunological research who developed basic laboratory methods that are now standard. He is known above all for his work on adjuvants that enhance the effectiveness of vaccines. In a 1944 article he discussed such adjuvants as paraffin oil, lanolin-like substances, and killed tubercle bacilli. Other areas of his research were the mechanisms of allergy, antibody formation, toxin-antitoxin reaction, tuberculosis, polio, and malaria.

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