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noun Esch·e·rich·ia \ˌesh-ə-ˈrik-ē-ə\

Medical Definition of Escherichia

  1. :  a genus of aerobic gram-negative rod-shaped bacteria of the family Enterobacteriaceae that form acid and gas on many carbohydrates (as dextrose and lactose) but no acetoin and that include occasionally pathogenic forms (as some strains of E. coli) normally present in the human intestine and other forms which typically occur in soil and water

Biographical Note for escherichia


\ˈesh-ə-riḵ\play ,


(1857–1911), German pediatrician. A seminal figure in pediatrics, Escherich used his extensive knowledge of bacteriology, immunology, and biochemistry to greatly advance child care, especially in the areas of hygiene and nutrition. In 1886 he published a monograph in which he discussed the relationship of intestinal bacteria to the physiology of digestion in infants. Therein he gave the first description of a colon bacillus (Escherichia coli) now extensively used in genetic research.

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