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Daubenton's plane

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noun Dau·ben·ton's plane \ˈdō-bən-ˌtōⁿz-, dō-bäⁿ-tōⁿz-\

Medical Definition of Daubenton's plane

  1. :  a plane that passes through the opisthion and the orbitalia on a skull

Biographical Note for daubenton's plane


\dō-bäⁿ-tōⁿ\play ,


(1716–1800), French naturalist. Daubenton was a pioneer in the fields of comparative anatomy and paleontology. His major contribution to anatomy was his share of a massive multivolume work on natural history by fellow naturalist Georges Buffon (1707–1788). He described Daubenton's plane around 1751.

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a rounded knoll or a ridge of ice

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