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Crouzon syndrome

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Crouzon's syndrome

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  1. :  an inherited disorder that is controlled by an autosomal dominant gene and that is characterized by malformation of the skull due to premature ossification and closure of the sutures and by widely spaced eyes, abnormal protrusion of the eyeballs, a beaked nose, and underdevelopment of the maxilla with protrusion of the mandible—called also craniofacial dysostosis

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(1874–1938), French neurologist. In 1906 Crouzon was appointed chief of the clinic and laboratory at the Hôtel de Dieu in Paris. Two years later he joined the staff of Salpêtrière Hospital's school of nursingular In 1937 he ascended to the chairmanship of medical-social welfare at the Paris Faculty. His researches in hereditary diseases encompassed neurological disorders, cerebellar ataxia, and chronic rheumatism. He also studied familial encephalitis, hysteria, epilepsy, and post-traumatic disorders of the nervous system. His studies in familial bone diseases resulted in his original description in 1912 of craniofacial dysostosis, the disorder that now bears his name.

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