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Corrigan's disease

noun Cor·ri·gan's disease \ˌkȯr-i-gənz-\

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Sir Dominic John

(1802–1880), British pathologist. Corrigan produced more than 100 communications on a great variety of maladies. His more important writings include his identification in 1829 of the peculiar expanding pulsation of an aneurysm of the aortic arch, his description in 1838 of cirrhosis of the lungs, and his 1854 article that reported in cases of chronic copper poisoning the appearance of a purple line along the gums. In 1832 he published a description of aortic regurgitation. Although Corrigan's description was not original, this disease became identified with him when a French physician, Armand Trousseau, termed it “maladie de Corrigan.” The pulse associated with aortic regurgitation or Corrigan's disease subsequently became identified with him also. The alternate term, water-hammer pulse, was introduced in 1852 by G. H. Barlow.

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