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Brudzinski sign

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noun Brud·zin·ski sign \brü-ˈjin-skē-, brüd-ˈzin-\
variants: or

Brudzinski's sign


Medical Definition of Brudzinski sign

  1. :  any of several symptoms of meningeal irritation occurring especially in meningitis; especially :  involuntary bending of the knees and hips of a supine patient caused by lifting the head of the patient so that the chin moves towards the chest

Biographical Note for brudzinski sign




(1874–1917), Polish physician. Brudzinski described in 1908 a sign of meningitis in which the passive flexion of one lower limb results in a contralateral reflex in the other. In 1909 he described another sign of meningitis: a bending of the neck results in flexure movements of the ankle, knee, and hip.

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