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Brodmann area

noun Brod·mann area \ˈbräd-mən-\
variants: or

Brodmann's area


Medical Definition of Brodmann area

  1. :  one of the several structurally distinguishable and presumably functionally distinct regions into which the cortex of each cerebral hemisphere can be divided

Biographical Note for brodmann area


\ˈbrōt-ˌmän, ˈbräd-mən\play ,


(1868–1918), German neurologist. Brodmann was a pioneer in the study of the comparative cellular structure of the mammalian cortex. In 1909 he published a book that remains the only comprehensive work on the subject. The occipital and preoccipital areas (now known as the Brodmann areas) of the cerebral cortex were first described by him in 1908.

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