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Auerbach's plexus

noun Auer·bach's plexus \ˈau̇(-ə)r-ˌbäks-, -ˌbäḵs-\

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\ˈau̇(-ə)r-ˌbäḵ, -ˌbäk\play ,


(1828–1897), German anatomist. Auerbach made important contributions to microscopic anatomy. His published works numbered almost fifty and included papers on the neuropsychiatric functions of lower animals, the unicellularity of amoebas, the anatomy of the lymphatic and capillary vessels, and fertilization of the egg. In 1862 he published his description of a plexus of autonomic nerve fibers in the intestines of vertebrates. Shortly afterward he presented his description of the ganglion cells situated in the plexus. The plexus is now commonly called the myenteric plexus but is sometimes known by Auerbach's name.

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