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noun At·ro·pa \ˈa-trə-pə\

Medical Definition of Atropa

  1. :  a genus of Eurasian and African herbs (as belladonna) of the family Solanaceae that have entire leaves, a usually bell-shaped calyx and corolla, and a fruit that is a berry and that are a source of medicinal alkaloids (as atropine and scopolamine)

Biographical Note for atropa


\ˈa-trə-ˌpäs, -pəs\play , Greek mythological character. The three Fates of Greek mythology were pictured as old women who spun out every person's destiny as if it were a thread. Clotho spun the thread, Lachesis measured it out, and Atropos cut it off. Belladonna was the first plant to be named in the genus Atropa. As the plant is highly poisonous, the genus was appropriately named after the goddess who cut the thread of life.

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feeling or affected by lethargy

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