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Amsler grid

noun Am·sler grid \ˈäm-zlər-\

Medical Definition of Amsler grid

  1. :  a pattern of uniformly spaced horizontal and perpendicular lines with a dot at the center that is viewed with one eye covered for the purposes of detecting defects in the central visual field If an ophthalmologist suspects macular degeneration, the patient will probably be asked to stare intently at an Amsler grid—a crosshatched pattern of straight lines that will look blurred, distorted, or discolored to someone whose central vision is deteriorating.—Michael Morley, Harvard Medical School Health Letter, February 1992

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(1891–1968), Swiss ophthalmologist. Amsler was chief ophthalmologist at the University of Lausanne from 1935 to 1944. He served as professor of ophthalmology at the University of Zurich's eye clinic from 1944 to 1961. It was at this institution that he performed the first corneal transplantation in 1951. Amsler made major contributions to the understanding of uveitis, in addition to publishing works on keratoconus. He developed the Amsler grid after experimenting extensively with different patterns and colors for the grid's design.

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