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noun Ac·re·mo·ni·um \ˌak-ri-ˈmō-nē-əm\

Medical Definition of Acremonium

  1. :  a genus of chiefly saprophytic, filamentous fungi with usually single-celled conidia held together by a slimy secretion in more or less spherical heads at the ends of fertile stalks That mold was found to be Cladosporium and Acremonium, two common outdoor fungi that are associated with plant debris and soil …—Jennifer Myers, The Lowell (Massachusetts) Sun, 19 Dec. 2007 The genus Acremonium was formerly known by the name Cephalosporium and is usually classified as an imperfect fungus because no sexual stage of the fungus has been clearly identified. The antibiotic cephalosporin was originally isolated from a particular species (Acremonium chrysogenum synonym Cephalosporium acremonium) of this genus. The genus Acremonium includes several species (such as A. killense and A. falciforme) that may cause infections (such as pneumonia) especially in immunocompromised individuals.

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