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noun re·mit·ti·tur \ri-ˈmi-tə-tər\

Legal Definition of remittitur

  1. 1a :  a procedure under which a court may order the reduction of an excessive verdict; especially :  a procedure in which the court requires the plaintiff to remit the portion of the verdict deemed excessive in lieu of a grant of a defendant's motion for a new trial or of a reversal if the court is an appellate court b :  a remission to a defendant by a plaintiff of the portion of a verdict considered excessive by the court c :  the formal agreement or stipulation of a plaintiff waiving or releasing the right to receive the portion of a verdict considered excessive — compare additur

  2. 2 :  a sending back of a case and its record from an appellate or superior court to a trial or inferior court for further proceedings (as additional findings of fact) or for entry of a judgment in accordance with instructions or the decision of the higher court

Origin and Etymology of remittitur

Latin, it is sent back, remitted, third person singular present indicative passive of remittere to send back, remit

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