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fidei commissum

noun fi·dei com·mis·sum \ˈfī-dē-ˌā-kə-ˈmi-səm, ˈfē-dā-ˌē-kȯ-ˈmē-su̇m\

Legal Definition of fidei commissum


fidei commissa

\-sə, -sä\
  1. :  a gift (as by will) of property in which a person is invested with title and which the person is directed to convey to another person or to make a particular disposition of — compare substitution

Additional Notes on fidei commissum

Fidei commissa are prohibited by the Louisiana Civil Code.

Origin and Etymology of fidei commissum

Latin fidei commissum, from neuter past participle of fideicommittere to bequeath (a thing) with the request that it be delivered to a third person, from fidei, dative of fides trust + committere to place in the hands of, entrust

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