Undefined Words

Lists of undefined words occur after the entries of these prefixes and combining forms:

  • anti-
  • multi-
  • re-
  • co-
  • non-
  • self-
  • counter-
  • out-
  • sub-
  • hyper-
  • over-
  • super-
  • inter-
  • post-
  • ultra-
  • mis-
  • pre-
  • un-

These words are not defined because they are self-explanatory; their meanings are simply the sum of a meaning of the prefix or combining form and a meaning of the root word. Centered dots are shown to save the dictionary user the trouble of consulting another entry. The lists are not exhaustive of all the words that might be, or actually have been, formed with these prefixes and combining forms. The dictionary has room for only the most common or important examples.