winning/losing streak

Definition of winning/losing streak

  1. :  a series of wins/losses

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  the act of one that wins :  victory

    :  something won: such as

    :  a captured territory :  conquest

  1. :  of or relating to winning :  that wins

    :  successful especially in competition

    :  tending to please or delight

  1. :  resulting in or likely to result in defeat

    :  marked by many losses or more losses than wins

  1. :  a line or mark of a different color or texture from the ground :  stripe

    :  the color of the fine powder of a mineral obtained by scratching or rubbing against a hard white surface and constituting an important distinguishing character

    :  inoculum implanted in a line on a solid medium

  1. :  to make streaks on or in

    :  to move swiftly :  rush

    :  to have a streak (as of winning or outstanding performances)

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