wheel clamp


Definition of wheel clamp


  1. :  an object that the police lock onto one of the wheels of a car so that the car cannot be moved

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a circular frame of hard material that may be solid, partly solid, or spoked and that is capable of turning on an axle

    :  a contrivance or apparatus having as its principal part a wheel: such as

    :  a chiefly medieval instrument of torture designed for mutilating a victim (as by stretching or disjointing)

  1. :  to turn on or as if on an axis :  revolve

    :  to change direction as if revolving on a pivot

    :  to move or extend in a circle or curve

  1. :  a device designed to bind or constrict or to press two or more parts together so as to hold them firmly

    :  any of various instruments or appliances having parts brought together for holding or compressing something

  1. :  to fasten with or as if with a clamp

    :  to place by decree :  impose

    :  to hold tightly

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holding stubbornly to a belief or view

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