noun, often capitalized welt·an·schau·ung \ˈvelt-ˌän-ˌshau̇-əŋ\

Definition of weltanschauung



play \ˈvelt-ˌän-ˌshau̇-əŋz\ or


play \ˈvelt-ˌän-ˌshau̇-əŋ-ən\

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Did You Know?

The German word Weltanschauung literally means "world view"; it combines "Welt" ("world") with "Anschauung" ("view"), which ultimately derives from the Middle High German verb schouwen ("to look at" or "to see"). When we first adopted it from German in the mid-19th century, "weltanschauung" referred to a philosophical view or apprehension of the universe, and this sense is still the most widely used. It can also describe a more general ideology or philosophy of life.

Origin and Etymology of weltanschauung

German, from Welt world + Anschauung view

First Known Use: 1868

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