watching brief


Definition of watching brief


  1. :  an act of watching the actions of a person or organization to make sure nothing illegal or wrong is being done <They have been keeping a watching brief on the company's financial dealings.>

Word by Word Definitions

watchplay watching
  1. :  to keep vigil as a devotional exercise

    :  to be awake during the night

    :  to be attentive or vigilant

  1. :  the act of keeping awake to guard, protect, or attend

    :  the state of being wakeful

    :  a wake over a dead body

  1. :  short in duration, extent, or length

    :  concise

    :  curt, abrupt

  1. :  an official letter or mandate (see 1mandate 1)

    :  a papal letter less formal than a bull

    :  a specific instruction or responsibility

  1. :  to make an abstract or abridgment of

    :  to give final precise instructions to

    :  to coach thoroughly in advance

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a leading champion of a cause

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