noun \ˈvelt, ˈfelt\
variants: or


Definition of veld

  1. :  a grassland especially of southern Africa usually with scattered shrubs or trees

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Examples of veld in a sentence

  1. lions prowling the African veld

Did You Know?

Veld (also spelled "veldt") comes from Afrikaans, the language of the Afrikaners, the descendants of the Dutch and Huguenot people who settled in southern Africa in the 17th century. Literally, veld means "field," and is akin to "feld," the Old English predecessor of "field." English speakers adopted the Africa-specific sense of "veld" in the 19th century. "Veld" refers to open country in southern Africa. Different regions of "veld" are distinguished by their elevations. There is the Highveld, the Lowveld, and the Middle Veld, each with different geographical characteristics. Another term associated with "veld" is "kopje" (or "koppie" - both are pronounced \KAH-pee). This word came to English from Afrikaans (and ultimately from a Dutch word meaning "small head" or "cup") and refers to a small hill, particularly one on the African veld.

Origin and Etymology of veld

borrowed from Afrikaans veld, going back to Middle Dutch velt “field,” going back to Germanic felþa- — more at 1field

First Known Use: 1835

VELD Defined for English Language Learners

noun \ˈvelt, ˈfelt\

Definition of veld for English Language Learners

  • : an area of grassy land with few trees or shrubs especially in southern Africa

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