the stalls

Definition of the stalls


  1. :  the seats on the main level of a theater in front of the stage

Word by Word Definitions

stallplay stalls
  1. :  a compartment for a domestic animal in a stable or barn

    :  a space marked off for parking a motor vehicle

    :  a seat in the chancel of a church with back and sides wholly or partly enclosed

  1. :  to put into or keep in a stall

    :  install

    :  to bring to a standstill :  block

  1. :  the condition of an airfoil or aircraft in which excessive angle of attack causes disruption of airflow with attendant loss of lift

  1. :  a ruse to deceive or delay

  1. :  to play for time :  delay

    :  to hold off, divert, or delay by evasion or deception

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