the last rites

Definition of the last rites

  1. :  a religious ceremony that is performed by a Catholic priest for someone who is dying

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to continue in time

    :  to remain fresh or unimpaired :  endure

    :  to manage to continue (as in a course of action)

  1. :  a form (as of metal or plastic) which is shaped like the human foot and over which a shoe is shaped or repaired

  1. :  to shape with a last

  1. :  after all others :  at the end

    :  most lately

    :  in conclusion

  1. :  following all the rest

    :  being the only remaining

    :  belonging to the final stage (as of life)

  1. :  something that is last

riteplay rites
  1. :  a prescribed form or manner governing the words or actions for a ceremony

    :  the ceremonial practices of a church or group of churches

    :  a ceremonial act or action

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