the chattering classes

Definition of the chattering classes

British, disapproving

  1. :  educated people who like to talk about politics, culture, society, etc.

Word by Word Definitions

chatterplay chattering
  1. :  to utter rapid short sounds suggestive of language but inarticulate and indistinct

    :  to talk idly, incessantly, or fast

    :  to click repeatedly or uncontrollably

  1. :  the action or sound of chattering

    :  idle talk :  prattle

    :  electronic and especially radio communication between individuals engaged in a common or related form of activity

classplay classes
  1. :  a body of students meeting regularly to study the same subject

    :  the period during which such a body meets

    :  a course of instruction

  1. :  classify

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a brief usually trivial fact

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