the Little Dipper

Definition of the Little Dipper


  1. :  a group of seven stars including the North Star in the northern sky that forms the shape of a dipper or ladle and that is smaller than the Big Dipper

Word by Word Definitions

littleplay Little
  1. :  not big: such as

    :  small in size or extent :  tiny

    :  young

  1. :  in only a small quantity or degree :  slightly

    :  not at all

    :  rarely, infrequently

  1. :  a small amount, quantity, or degree

    :  practically nothing

    :  a short time

dipperplay Dipper
  1. :  one that dips: such as

    :  a worker who dips articles

    :  something (as a long-handled cup) used for dipping

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