the Deep South

Definition of the Deep South

  1. :  the states in the most southern and eastern part of the U.S. and especially Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Mississippi

Word by Word Definitions

deepplay Deep
  1. :  extending far from some surface or area: such as

    :  extending far downward

    :  extending well inward from an outer surface

  1. :  to a great depth :  deeply

    :  far on :  late

    :  near the outer limits of the playing area

  1. :  a vast or immeasurable extent :  abyss

    :  the extent of surrounding space or time

    :  ocean

southplay South
  1. :  to, toward, or in the south

    :  into a state of decline or ruin

  1. :  situated toward or at the south

    :  coming from the south

  1. :  the direction of the south terrestrial pole :  the direction to the right of one facing east

    :  the compass point directly opposite to north

    :  regions or countries lying to the south of a specified or implied point of orientation

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