teething troubles/problems


Definition of teething troubles/problems


  1. :  small problems that happen when a business, project, system, etc., is first started or used There were some teething troubles when we began our business.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  the first growth of teeth

    :  the phenomena accompanying growth of teeth through the gums

troubleplay troubles
  1. :  the quality or state of being troubled especially mentally

    :  public unrest or disturbance

    :  an instance of trouble

  1. :  to agitate mentally or spiritually :  worry, disturb

    :  to put to exertion or inconvenience

    :  to produce physical disorder in :  afflict

problemplay problems
  1. :  a question raised for inquiry, consideration, or solution

    :  a proposition in mathematics or physics stating something to be done

    :  an intricate unsettled question

  1. :  dealing with a problem of conduct or social relationship

    :  difficult to deal with

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feeling or affected by lethargy

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