stock cube


Definition of stock cube


  1. :  a small cube of evaporated meat or vegetable extract that is used to add flavor to soup

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  stump

    :  a log or block of wood

    :  something without life or consciousness

  1. :  to make (a domestic animal) pregnant

    :  to fit to or with a stock

    :  to provide with stock or a stock :  supply

  1. :  kept regularly in stock

    :  commonly used or brought forward :  standard

    :  kept for breeding purposes :  brood

  1. :  something shaped like a cube

    :  cubicle

    :  the product of a number multiplied by itself twice

  1. :  raised to the third power

  1. :  to raise to the third power

    :  to form into a cube

    :  to cut partly through (a steak) in a checkered pattern to increase tenderness by breaking the fibers

  1. :  any of several tropical American plants (genus Lonchocarpus) furnishing rotenone

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