standing joke

Definition of standing joke

  1. :  something that often happens or is said or done that the people in a group think is funny It's a standing joke at the office.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  not yet cut or harvested

    :  upright on the feet or base :  erect

    :  not flowing :  stagnant

  1. :  a place to stand in :  location

    :  a position from which one may assert or enforce legal rights and duties

    :  length of service or experience especially as determining rank, pay, or privilege

  1. :  something said or done to provoke laughter

    :  a brief oral narrative with a climactic humorous twist

    :  the humorous or ridiculous element in something

  1. :  to make jokes :  jest

    :  to make the object of a joke :  kid

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