short rations

Definition of short rations

  1. :  a very small amount of food that is given to one person or animal for one day The prisoners were kept on short rations.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  having little length

    :  not tall or high :  low

    :  not extended in time :  brief

  1. :  in a curt manner

    :  for or during a brief time

    :  at a disadvantage :  unawares

  1. :  the sum and substance :  upshot

    :  a short syllable

    :  a short sound or signal

  1. :  short-circuit

    :  shortchange, cheat

    :  to sell (a security) short in expectation of a fall in prices

rationplay rations
  1. :  a food allowance for one day

    :  food, provisions

    :  a share especially as determined by supply

  1. :  to supply with or put on rations

    :  to distribute equitably

    :  to use sparingly

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