shell suit


Definition of shell suit


  1. :  a pair of usually brightly colored light, nylon pants and a matching jacket

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a hard rigid usually largely calcareous covering or support of an animal

    :  the hard or tough often thin outer covering of an egg (as of a bird or reptile) — see egg illustration

    :  the covering or outside part of a fruit or seed especially when hard or fibrous

  1. :  to take out of a natural enclosing cover (as a shell, husk, pod, or capsule)

    :  to separate the kernels of (as an ear of corn, wheat, or oats) from the cob, ear, or husk

    :  to throw shells at, upon, or into :  bombard

  1. :  suite

    :  recourse or appeal to a feudal superior for justice or redress

    :  an action or process in a court for the recovery of a right or claim

  1. :  to be becoming to

    :  to be proper for :  befit

    :  to outfit with clothes :  dress

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