Rio Grande

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Definition of Rio Grande

  1. 1\ˌrē-(ˌ)ō-ˈgrand, -ˈgran-dē also ˌrī-ō-ˈgrand\play or Mexican Spanish Río Bravo \ˌrē-(ˌ)ō-ˈbrä-(ˌ)vō\play river 1885 miles (3034 kilometers) long in the southwestern U.S. forming the boundary between Mexico and Texas and flowing from the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico

  2. 2 or Rio Grande do Sul \ˌrē-ü-ˈgrȧn-dē-dü-ˈsül\play city in Rio Grande do Sul state, southern Brazil, west of the entrance to Lagoa dos Patos population 197,228

  3. 3\ˌrē-(ˌ)ō-ˈgrän-dā, -dē\ municipality in northeastern Puerto Rico east-southeast of San Juan population 54,304

  4. 4 — see grande, rio

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