pruning shears


Definition of pruning shears


  1. :  a garden tool that is used for cutting off the branches of trees and bushes a pair of pruning shears

Word by Word Definitions

pruneplay pruning
  1. :  a plum dried or capable of drying without fermentation

  1. :  to reduce especially by eliminating superfluous matter

    :  to remove as superfluous

    :  to cut off or cut back parts of for better shape or more fruitful growth

shearplay shears
  1. :  to cut off the hair from

    :  to cut or clip (as hair or wool) from someone or something

    :  to cut something from

  1. :  one blade of a pair of shears

    :  something resembling a shear or a pair of shears

    :  the action or process or an instance of shearing

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