proper name


Definition of proper name

  1. :  a word or group of words (such as “Noah Webster,” “Kentucky,” or “U.S. Congress”) that is the name of a particular person, place, or thing and that usually begins with a capital letter

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  referring to one individual only

    :  belonging to one :  own

    :  appointed for the liturgy of a particular day

  1. :  the parts of the Mass that vary according to the liturgical calendar

    :  the part of a missal or breviary containing the proper of the Mass and the offices proper to the holy days of the liturgical year

  1. :  in a thorough manner :  completely

  1. :  a word or phrase that constitutes the distinctive designation of a person or thing

    :  a word or symbol used in logic to designate an entity

    :  a descriptive often disparaging epithet

  1. :  to give a name to :  call

    :  to mention or identify by name

    :  to accuse by name

  1. :  of, relating to, or bearing a name

    :  appearing in the name of a literary or theatrical production

    :  having an established reputation

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