promenade concert


Definition of promenade concert


  1. :  a musical concert during which many people who are listening stand instead of sit

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to take or go on a promenade

    :  to perform a promenade in a dance

    :  to walk about in or on

  1. :  a place for strolling

    :  a leisurely walk or ride especially in a public place for pleasure or display

    :  a ceremonious opening of a formal ball consisting of a grand march of all the guests

  1. :  agreement in design or plan :  union formed by mutual communication of opinion and views

    :  musical harmony :  concord

    :  a public performance (as of music or dancing)

  1. :  to make a plan for

    :  to settle or adjust by conferring and reaching an agreement

    :  to act in harmony or conjunction

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