pontoon plane

Definition of pontoon plane

  1. :  an airplane that has large hollow containers filled with air (called pontoons) on the bottom so that it can float on water

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a flat-bottomed boat (as a lighter)

    :  a flat-bottomed boat or portable float used in building a floating temporary bridge

    :  a float especially of a seaplane

  1. :  blackjack

  1. :  to make smooth or even :  level

    :  to make smooth or even by use of a plane

    :  to remove by or as if by planing

  1. :  any of a genus (Platanus of the family Platanaceae, the plane-tree family) of chiefly deciduous trees with large palmately lobed leaves, flowers in globose heads, and usually scaling bark —called also buttonwood, plane tree, sycamore

  1. :  a tool for smoothing or shaping a wood surface

  1. :  a surface in which if any two points are chosen a straight line joining them lies wholly in that surface

    :  a flat or level surface

    :  a level of existence, consciousness, or development

  1. :  having no elevations or depressions :  flat

    :  of, relating to, or dealing with geometric planes

    :  lying in a plane

  1. :  to fly while keeping the wings motionless

    :  to skim across the surface of the water

    :  to travel by airplane

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