polling station


Definition of polling station


  1. :  a building where people go to vote in an election

Word by Word Definitions

pollplay polling
  1. :  head

    :  the top or back of the head

    :  nape

  1. :  to cut off or cut short the hair or wool of :  crop, shear

    :  to cut off or cut short (as wool)

    :  to cut off or back the top of (as a tree)

  1. :  the place or position in which something or someone stands or is assigned to stand or remain

    :  any of the places in a manufacturing operation at which one part of the work is done

    :  equipment used usually by one person for performing a particular job

  1. :  to assign to or set in a station or position :  post

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holding stubbornly to a belief or view

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