piggyback ride

Definition of piggyback ride

  1. :  a ride on someone's back Her father gave her a piggyback ride.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  up on the back and shoulders

    :  on or as if on the back of another

    :  on a railroad flatcar

  1. :  the act of carrying piggyback

    :  the movement of loaded truck trailers on railroad flatcars

  1. :  marked by being up on the shoulders and back

    :  carried or transported piggyback: such as

    :  of or relating to the hauling of truck trailers on railroad flatcars

  1. :  to carry up on the shoulders and back

    :  to haul (as a truck trailer) by railroad car

    :  to set up or cause to function in conjunction with something larger, more important, or already in existence or operation

  1. :  to sit and travel on the back of an animal that one directs

    :  to travel in or on a conveyance

    :  to travel as if on a conveyance :  be borne

  1. :  an act of riding

    :  a trip on horseback or by vehicle

    :  a way (such as a road or path) suitable for riding

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