pep rally


Definition of pep rally


  1. :  an event before a school sports event that is meant to get students and fans excited and to encourage the team to win; also :  a similar event in which speakers try to get a group of people excited and enthusiastic about something <The mayor gave an inspiring speech at the party's pep rally.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  brisk energy or initiative and high spirits

  1. :  to inject pep into

  1. :  to muster for a common purpose

    :  to recall to order

    :  to arouse for action

  1. :  a mustering of scattered forces to renew an effort

    :  a summoning up of strength or courage after weakness or dejection

    :  a recovery of price after a decline

  1. :  to attack with raillery :  banter

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a principle or belief held by a group

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