parking garage


Definition of parking garage


  1. :  a building in which people usually pay to park their cars, trucks, etc.

Word by Word Definitions

parkplay parking
  1. :  an enclosed piece of ground stocked with game and held by royal prescription or grant

    :  a tract of land that often includes lawns, woodland, and pasture attached to a country house and is used as a game preserve and for recreation

    :  a piece of ground in or near a city or town kept for ornament and recreation

  1. :  to enclose in a park

    :  to bring (a vehicle) to a stop and keep standing at the edge of a public way

    :  to leave temporarily on a public way or in a parking lot or garage

  1. :  a shelter or repair shop for automotive vehicles

    :  a cabinet with a vertical rolling door that is used for storing a small kitchen appliance

  1. :  to keep or put in a garage

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