one's elders and betters

Definition of one's elders and betters

chiefly British

  1. :  people who are older and more important You should respect your elders and betters.

Word by Word Definitions

elderplay elders
  1. :  elderberry

  1. :  of earlier birth or greater age

    :  of or relating to earlier times :  former

    :  of or relating to a more advanced time of life

  1. :  one living in an earlier period

    :  one who is older :  senior

    :  an aged person

betterplay betters
  1. : comparative ofgood

    :  greater than half

    :  improved in health or mental attitude

  1. :  to make better (see 1better): such as

    :  to make more tolerable or acceptable

    :  to make more complete or perfect

  1. : comparative ofwell

    :  in a more excellent manner

    :  to greater advantage :  preferably

  1. :  something better (see 1better)

    :  a superior especially in merit or rank

    :  advantage, victory

  1. :  had better (see 3better 1b)

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