neat freak


Definition of neat freak

US, informal

  1. :  a person who always wants things to be very orderly and clean My first college roommate was a real neat freak.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  the common domestic bovine (Bos taurus)

  1. :  free from dirt and disorder :  habitually clean and orderly

    :  free from admixture or dilution (see 1dilute 3) :  straight

    :  free from irregularity :  smooth

  1. :  in a neat manner

    :  without admixture or dilution :  straight

  1. :  a sudden and odd or seemingly pointless idea or turn of the mind

    :  a seemingly capricious action or event

    :  a whimsical quality or disposition

  1. :  having the character of a freak

  1. :  to streak especially with color

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