measuring tape


Definition of measuring tape

  1. :  a long, thin piece of plastic, cloth, or metal that is marked with units of length (such as inches or centimeters) and that is used for measuring things

Word by Word Definitions

measureplay measuring
  1. :  an adequate or due portion

    :  a moderate degree

    :  moderation, temperance

  1. :  to choose or control with cautious restraint :  regulate

    :  to regulate by a standard :  govern

    :  to allot or apportion in measured amounts

  1. :  a narrow flexible strip or band: such as

    :  adhesive tape

    :  magnetic tape

  1. :  to fasten, tie, bind, cover, or support with tape

    :  to record on tape and especially magnetic tape

    :  to record something on tape and especially magnetic tape

  1. :  recorded on tape

    :  intended for use with recording (such as magnetic) tape

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