loading dock


Definition of loading dock

chiefly US

  1. :  an area at the side of a building where goods are loaded onto and unloaded from vehicles

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a cargo, weight, or stress placed on something

    :  load

    :  material used to load something :  filler

  1. :  any of a genus (Rumex) of coarse weedy plants of the buckwheat family having long taproots and sometimes used as potherbs

    :  any of several usually broad-leaved weedy plants (as of the genus Silphium)

  1. :  the solid part of an animal's tail as distinguished from the hair

    :  the part of an animal's tail left after it has been shortened

  1. :  to cut off the end of a body part of

    :  to remove part of the tail of

    :  to cut (as ears or a tail) short

  1. :  a usually artificial basin or enclosure for the reception of ships that is equipped with means for controlling the water height

    :  slip

    :  a place (as a wharf or platform) for the loading or unloading of materials

  1. :  to haul or guide into or alongside a dock

    :  to join (as two spacecraft) mechanically while in space

    :  to come into or alongside a dock

  1. :  the place in a criminal court where a prisoner stands or sits during trial

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