laboratory test

variants: or

lab test

Definition of laboratory test

  1. :  a test conducted under controlled scientific conditions in a laboratory or similar setting … in laboratory tests of acyclovir, herpes strains have mutated to forms resistant to the drug. — Linda Garmon We've measured the amount of soap in shampoos and used lab tests to determine cleaning action and pH. — Consumer Reports; specifically, medical :  a test (such as a blood test or urinalysis procedure) performed by a medical laboratory on a specimen taken from a patient Even experienced doctors cannot distinguish “strep” throat from other-caused sore throats without a laboratory test of fluid taken from the throat. — Melva Weber Those two values are seen with a complete blood count, the lab test that enumerates the number of white and red blood cells. — Paul G. Donahue

laboratory testing

or less commonly

lab testing

noun … it has survived nearly two years of strenuous independent laboratory testing and been certified safe for home and commercial use. — Harper's


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