jog along

Definition of jog along

  1. :  to continue in an ordinary or steady way Their marriage jogged along for several years without any major problems.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to give a slight shake or push to :  nudge

    :  to rouse to alertness

    :  to cause (an animal, such as a horse) to go at a jog

  1. :  a slight shake :  nudge

    :  a movement, pace, or instance of jogging (as for exercise)

    :  a horse's slow measured trot

  1. :  a projecting or retreating part (as of a line or surface)

    :  the space in the angle of a jog

    :  a brief abrupt change in direction

  1. :  to make a jog

  1. :  in a line matching the length or direction of

    :  at a point or points on

    :  in the course of

  1. :  forward, on

    :  from one to another

    :  in company :  as a companion

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