indefinite article


: the word a or an used in English to refer to a person or thing that is not identified or specified
In "I gave a book to the boy" the word "a" is an indefinite article and the word "the" is a definite article.
also : a word that has a similar use in another language

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What are the definite and indefinite articles?

The most common of all adjectives are the two (or three) articles. An article always comes before the noun it describes and before any other adjectives that also describe the noun. Articles are used to show whether or not the noun refers to a specific person or thing.

The indefinite article is a; it identifies a single, but not specific, person or thing. An is used instead of a whenever the word following it begins with a vowel sound.

Are you going to buy a house?

The smile is a universal sign of pleasure.

It's an honor to have been invited.

I've got an uncle in Miami.

The definite article is the; it is used to refer to identified or specified people or things, both singular and plural.

Will you be painting the house this summer?

He's the uncle I was telling you about.

Please put the dishes away.

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