verb in·cul·pate \in-ˈkəl-ˌpāt, ˈin-(ˌ)kəl-\

Definition of inculpate




  1. transitive verb
  2. :  to impute guilt to :  incriminate


play \ˌin-(ˌ)kəl-ˈpā-shən\ noun

Did You Know?

Inculpate is the opposite of exculpate, just as inculpatory evidence is the opposite of exculpatory evidence. By inculpating someone else, an accused person may manage to exculpate himself. Through plea bargaining, the prosecution can often encourage a defendant to inculpate his friends in return for a lighter sentence.

Origin and Etymology of inculpate

Late Latin inculpatus, from Latin in- + culpatus, past participle of culpare to blame, from culpa guilt

First Known Use: 1799

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