noun hos·ta \ˈhō-stə, ˈhä-\

Definition of hosta

  1. :  any of a genus (Hosta) of Asian perennial herbaceous plants of the lily family with densely growing basal leaves and tall racemes of white or violet flowers —called also funkia, plantain lily

Did You Know?

There are about 40 species of hostas or plantain lilies, which are hardy perennials in the lily family, native to eastern Asia. They prefer light shade, but will grow under a variety of conditions. They are valued for their conspicuous foliage, which may be light to dark green, yellow, blue, or variegated. The ribbed leaves grow in a cluster at the base, and stalks bearing clusters of tubular white or bluish-purple flowers emerge from the leaves.

Origin and Etymology of hosta

New Latin, from Nicolaus Host †1834 Austrian botanist

First Known Use: 1930

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