geographical name Al·tay \ˌal-ˈtī\
variants: or


Definition of Altay

  1. 1 territory of southwestern Russia in Asia bordering on Kazakhstan; capital Barnaul area 101,042 square miles (261,699 square kilometers), population 2,666,000

  2. 2 or 1948-91 Gorno–Altay \ˈgȯr-nə-ˌäl-ˈtī\play or Gorno–Altai or earlier Oyrot \ˈȯi-rət\play autonomous republic of southern Russia in Asia in southeastern Altay Territory and bordering Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia; capital Gorno-Altaisk area 35,753 square miles (92,600 square kilometers), population 197,000

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