gagging order


Definition of gagging order

British, law

  1. :  an order by a judge or court saying that the people involved in a legal case cannot talk about the case or anything related to it in public :  gag order The court has issued a gagging order.

Word by Word Definitions

gagplay gagging
  1. :  to restrict use of the mouth of by inserting something into it to prevent speech or outcry

    :  to prevent from exercising freedom of speech or expression

    :  to pry or hold open with a gag

  1. :  something thrust into the mouth to keep it open or to prevent speech or outcry

    :  an official check or restraint on debate or free speech

    :  a laugh-provoking remark or act

  1. :  to put in order :  arrange

    :  to give an order to :  command

    :  destine, ordain

  1. :  a group of people united in a formal way: such as

    :  a fraternal society

    :  a community under a religious rule

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