noun fu·gle·man \ˈfyü-gəl-mən\

Definition of fugleman

  1. 1 :  a trained soldier formerly posted in front of a line of soldiers at drill to serve as a model in their exercises

  2. 2 :  one at the head or forefront of a group or movement

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Did You Know?

A fugleman (adapted from the German Flügelmann, literally "wing man" but commonly meaning "file leader") was originally a soldier posted in front of a line of soldiers to serve as a model in their drill exercises. Today, with its more figurative meaning, the word is often used pejoratively as a synonym of "mouthpiece" or "ringleader." "Fugleman" is by no means a common word, but it does appear in the occasional newspaper article.

Origin and Etymology of fugleman

modification of German Flügelmann, from Flügel wing + Mann man

First Known Use: 1804

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